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What the Dollar Store War Means for Independent Retailers

What the Dollar Store War Means for Independent Retailers

Dollar General released a statement earlier today detailing its offer to buy Family Dollar for approximately 9.7 billion trouncing Dollar Tree’s current bid.  Market indications signal investors favor the deal for both companies.  Wal-Mart also announced on Thursday it is on track to complete 200 Neighborhood Markets by year end bringing its total to over 400.  The box retail giant is also in the pilot phase of its Express Market that aims to take the traditional convenience stores head on.  Which begs the question what can independent retailers do to maintain and grow market share in a landscape that is under constant encroachment by major players.

Your independence is a strength, not a weakness!

Independent retailers posses autonomy which leads to faster decision making that the big guys just can’t catch up to.  It’s the old football adage “Speed Kills.”  Take a risk, fail fast, and improve.

Embrace being local.

As an involved business member in your local community you can create customer loyalty in the ways the mega retailers can’t.  Embrace your size and use it to your advantage.  Get out in your community and find out what local shoppers are buying and meet those needs when & where you can.


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