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New technology can be a bit overwhelming, that’s why we do our best to provide you with effective up-to-date tools to make running your store more efficient and enjoyable.

Velocity Reports

Reporting of item purchases can consist of any time frame or can be run by specific dates.  Our reporting can show the purchases and cost ranked.  We have streamlined the process to provide your movement to the manufacturers and brokers within seconds of their request, resulting in faster promotional and contract payments

Retail Pricing

We understand how important correct retails and margins are to our customers.  Long Distribution can provide retail maintenance in-house for you, or you can maintain your retails over the internet.  Retails are easily setup and maintained through our comprehensive system.  Our retailing system can automatically adjust your retail in the event of a cost change in order to keep your margins.


LongNet is our industry leading mobile computer order entry system.  With LongNet you have the power to order from our full catalog in the palm of your hand or on the web.  LongNet will save you time and ensure your order is accurate with features like a built-in laser barcode scanner and order review.


Quest is a next generation online catalog from Long Distribution.  Quest is a fully immersive online shopping experience that will put you on the path to profits and seriously save you time.  Pair it with the soon to be released mobile app and you’ve got a winning combination for success and efficiency.